To uphold your privacy rights and to ensure that The IDEAS Institute is in full compliance with European Regulations (European Communities (Electronic Communications Network & Services) (Privacy and Electronic Communications) Regulations 2011), outlined below is a statement that you need to read. It covers The IDEAS Institutes’ use of electronic cookies saved on your computer.


What are Cookies?


Cookies are text files which store small pieces of information that are placed on your computer or other device to help the website provide a better user experience.


Session Cookies’ enable a website to ‘remember’ you for the duration of your visit.


Persistent Cookies’ remain on your device to allow a website ‘remember’ you for repeat visits to that site. They are sent from the website’s servers to your computer or mobile device and stored on your device, and may then be sent back to our website’s servers with updated data as you browse the website.


The type of information stored varies, but commonly includes details of certain preferences you have made previously so the site can provide you with more relevant content and details of items you have placed in your shopping basket. They can also be used to keep track of your ‘session’ so you don’t have to keep providing the same information during your visit to the site.


Why do we need use Cookies?


  1. Session Cookies, are used to store information relating to current orders. It is private to you and to no one else. A Session Cookie will automatically expire after 24 hours, if you place an order it will expire instantly.


  1. Persistent Cookies, are used to ‘remember you’. We store a special code that is unique to your logon, so that when you place an order we know it is you and no one else. This saves you having to enter a lot more information when you place the order.


How does a Cookie get on my computer?


When you enter a correct username & password, the cookie is created on your machine. If you do not fully understand this please see out Privacy Policy (link to Privacy Policy) or contact the site administrator who will be happy to explain it to you in further detail.


Disabling Cookies


You can choose to stop your web browser accepting cookies, and delete all cookies currently stored on your browser. The method for doing this varies depending on the browser you are using looking under your browser’s help menu will give you further details. However, please note that if you choose to disable cookies it may affect your ability to use this website.




All queries in relation to this privacy policy can be addressed by contacting the




If you are agree to this and want to proceed, please continue to the IDEAS Institute website.