What is the IDEAS institute?


The primary focus of the Institute for the Development of Employees Advancement Services (IDEAS) is educational. Its task is to identify ways in which new thinking and new services can be introduced into the workplace for the benefit of employees and the enterprise as a whole.

IDEAS was established in February of 2001, by SIPTU – Ireland’s largest trade union. As a trust, it is an independent corporate body that operates in the commercial arena.

Our Chairman Joe O’Flynn is the General Secretary of SIPTU. Joe also holds the position of treasurer of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions and is a member of their Executive Council.



Since being established in 2001, Ideas Institute has worked with businesses and trade unions all over the country.

We run practical, down to earth courses helping participants increase confidence through the development of skills, knowledge and attitude.

These courses cover the critical aspects of topics in an interesting and interactive manner. Participants are not overburdened with excessive theory and get practical, relevant knowledge and skills that can be applied immediately.
It also delivers focused skills training in support of organisation objectives and encourages a bi-partite approach to managing relationships in the enterprise.



Through its specialised consultancy services the Institute’s work is primarily concerned with the people dimension of organisation development.

Through its extensive network of professional consultants it can assist with most problems that arise in the modern workplace.

Our Team


Mary Ogundipe
Project Administration
Tony Murphy
Workplace Innovation Engineer
Seamus Buggle
Course Coordinator
Brian McGann