What is the IDEAS institute?


The primary focus of the Institute for the Development of Employees Advancement Services (IDEAS) is workplace innovation, education and research (particularly research involving workers, employment and trade unions). Its task is to identify ways in which new thinking and new services can be introduced into the workplace for the benefit of employees and the enterprise as a whole.

IDEAS was established in February 2001, by SIPTU, Ireland’s trade union. As a limited liability company, it is an independent corporate body that operates within the commercial sector. IDEAS is a registered charity.

The IDEAS Institute provides workplace innovation and training with the aims of sustaining employment and union membership, reducing job losses, helping to create new jobs, enhancing workers’ skills, and promoting union organisation while also assisting company competitiveness.

The programmes that IDEAS provide include workplace innovation/strategic analysis, joint- union/management steering groups, team-working, train-the- trainer, CV and interview skills, and IT skills training. Although not mandatory, many of these training programmes are accredited by QQI.

Other training and support provided by IDEAS includes the ‘Crossroads’ programme which is designed to support workers who are facing redundancy, often having worked for many years within their industry. The objective of the programme is to equip workers with the knowledge and techniques to allow them to evaluate and assess their skills and experience, and to assist them in identifying ways or paths by which they can develop a new career.

Through its specialised consultancy services, the Institute’s work is primarily concerned with the people dimension of organisational development. We all understand and appreciate the depth of knowledge, and the breadth of practical process experience that every worker has accumulated over their working lives.

Our approach to Workplace Innovation enables this information to be valued, and encouraged, as we all strive to make world-class products and provide world-class services. This ability facilitates organisations to improve performance, fix process problems and develop new ways of working, through genuine worker participation continues to receive growing recognition.

Employers are increasingly realising that our unique approach to Workplace Innovation can unlock creative potential within the workforce and can be a critical component for companies as they strive for continuous improvement and on-going competitiveness.

We continue to work with existing client companies as they implement Workplace Innovation by involving the commitment of workers in each workplace

Our Team


Mary Ogundipe
Project Administration
Tony Murphy
Workplace Innovation Engineer
Seamus Buggle
Course Coordinator
Brian McGann