Personal Development

Personal Effectiveness in the Workplace (G 20033) (Level 5)

Duration: 5 days


This FETAC accredited course is designed to enable learners to use specific learning outcomes to meet the social and personal demands of working and learning environments.

Subjects covered include CV preparation and Interview Skills

General Aims:

Candidates who successfully complete this module will:

  • be familiar with the organisation in which they are active
  • understand their own role within the organisation
  • appreciate the influence of the organisation on their own day to day activity
  • develop a range of skills relevant to their daily activity
  • work effectively within the organisation.

The course content is grouped into 6 units:

  • Unit 1 Organisational Awareness
  • Unit 2 The Individual and the Organisation
  • Unit 3 Problem Solving
  • Unit 4 Presentation Skills
  • Unit 5 Effective Meetings Skills
  • Unit 6 Participating in Groups

Each course will cover unit 1 and 2 and two further units.

Job Skills Development
(CV preparation/Interviewing technique)


General Aims:

Candidates who successfully complete this module will:

  • identify own skills,
  • develop a personal success inventory,
  • identify optimum career path,
  • develop a good CV,
  • strategic job searching,
  • develop effective interview skills,
  • develop effective communication skills.

Problem Solving

5 days

General Aims:

  • follow an orderly, step-by-step problem-solving process,
  • write problem statements that clearly define problems encountered in work situations,
  • assess the contexts of problems,
  • analyse the likely root causes of problems,
  • involve team members in evaluating the root causes and possible solutions,
  • create plans to implement solutions to problems,
  • agree and support implementation.