EU Projects

EU Projects

Ideas Institute are involved an a number of EU projects that benefit working people. Below is an example of the projects we are involved in.




In Europe the so-called NEETs (Not in
 Education, Employment or Training) are considered as one of the most problematic groups in the context of youth unemployment. Thus, according to Eurostat, in 2011, 7,5 million people aged between 15-24 years and 6,5 million people aged between 25 and 29 years were excluded from the labor market and education system in Europe.
In recent years, several European initiatives have emerged to act effectively and sustainably on this issue. Our project falls within the European priorities in terms of employment and inclusion of young people and NEETs. It aims to provide innovative learning tools for NEETs in order to facilitate their professional integration and employment.
In the framework of the project, strengthening the links between education and professional world, as well as creating of strong partnerships synergies at local and European level are planned. Specifically, the project aims to create a consortium of business partners and training structures to support young people, who have left school, back into learning. The objective is to create new partnership synergies between these different worlds in three sectors: hospitality, metallurgy and new technologies.
In order to foster links, this project will adapt the needs of businesses to training identified and promoted in the partnership.
Hence, both the process of integration, learning and follow-up of the beneficiaries will be based on real companies’ needs and experiences which allows to ensure the emergence of innovative professional actions and employability  of NEETs.
Each partner engaged in the project has relevant experience and expertise in learning methods, as well as network of companies, NGO and local authorities in corresponding countries (France, Belgium, Ireland, Spain). This will facilitate project implementation and strengthen its impact.
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As part of a policy to promote worker mobility throughout the European Union, the EU Institutions agreed a Recommendation in 2008 to set up a European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

The project “European Qualification Framework – Praxis and Information Network” (EQF-PIN) links employee-oriented organizations and trade unions from Europe in a network. Topic of the network is the question what conditions are necessary to implement successfully EQF from the perspective of employees and employee-related organizations. As partners and representatives of workers trade unions and trade union training provider need expertise concerning EQF, its functioning and its effects on employees, e.g.consequences for collective bargaining, recognition of skills, issues of data security etc.

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The MOTIVES EU-wide partnership of organisations (see below) is developing an online measuring system where employers/SMEs, training consultants and training providers can meticulously evaluate and gauge the economic and social value of training provided (and funded) by them for their employees.

Across Europe, the changing economic situation is impacting on employment and vulnerable low skilled workers. It is estimated that 78 million Europeans of working age (25-65) have low qualifications and too few are taking part in learning activities

MOTIVES is a Transfer of Innovation Project within the EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme

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The Learning Mentor Project

This project aims at developing a qualification for learning mentors who serve as the contact person in the company for questions regarding vocational education. As part of the company they know about work requirements and working conditions. With reference to the British/ Irish concept of a “Union Learning Representative”, the project aims at evaluating and developing a concept for an in-company “promoter” for education matters which can be transferred to other countries.

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Food Fit Project

The general aim of the FOOD-FIT project is to develop, from the point of view of social partners and companies, a methodology and a group of tools for the implementation and development of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) in the food sector in the EU (NACE code 10, 11: Manufacture of food products and beverages).

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NEWTON Project

Within the framework of the project “NEWTON” – Network between Workers’ Federations and their Training Organisations in Europe Now! – trade unions and their training institutions from five countries of the European Union initiated a structural dialogue about:

1. employment and labour market policies and developments

2. educational and skills policies

3. possibilities and options to foster the renewed Lisbon-agenda for more and better jobs in Europe.

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Metal Skills Project

The general aim of the Metal-Skills project is to interchange experiences among social partners, training centres, enterprises and public administrations to propose a methodology of recognition and accreditation of qualifications which have been obtained through non-formal learning and to transfer the results to the enterprises of the metal sector in Europe.

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