Computer Courses

Free 1 Day Computer Training Course Limerick

IDEAS Institute has secured funding from the Department of Communications for a 1 day Internet training programme for 900 people.
This will be of benefit to everyone including Trade Union members, the unemployed and people being made redundant.
The Department of Communications has stated that the target group for the training includes the unemployed, older workers (over 55 years), people with low or no formal qualifications, and disadvantaged people ( single parents, immigrants etc.) and those who have no experience of computers.

Learn how to:


  • Buy a computer
  • Surf the internet
  • Search for web sites
  • Buy and Sell online
  • Do online banking
  • Access Government services online.
  • Make phone calls on your computer.
  • Manage photos
  • Send and Receive Email
  • And much more.

No Experience Necessary


Computer Literacy

This course is FETAC Accredited

Duration: 5 days

This course is for complete beginners who have never used a computer before.

This course will help participants to understand the essential elements of computer hardware and software. It introduces common computer applications including Word, Internet and Email. The Specific Learning Outcomes are grouped into four units:

* Computer Operation and Use
* Introduction to Word Processing
* Introduction to Internet
* Introduction to Email

Computer Operation and Use
* Describe the component parts of a computer system
* Identify areas of everyday life where the learner interacts with computers
* Describe the uses of common software applications
* Operate computer, with due attention to safety procedures

Introduction to Word Processing (Word)
* Load a word processing system
* Key in text to specification
* Edit text
* Enhance text
* Print a document
* Exit from software

Introduction to Internet
* Browsing the Web
* Hyperlinks and Web Addresses
* Using Search Engines – finding the information you want

Introduction to Email
* Create, send and receive Email messages
* Reply and forward Email messages
* Send and receive attachments

Our aim is to provide state-of-the-art computer and internet training skills. Our fully equipped lab for ‘hands-on’ training contains all the necessary equipment to complete ECDL training courses.

Information Technology Skills (B 10135) (Level 4)
FETAC Level 4
Duration: 5 days

Suitable for:
People with a basic knowledge of how to use a computer or who have completed a beginner’s computer course. This module is to provide learners with an understanding of the computer and its environment. It covers basic terminology associated with computer hardware and software. It provides practical experience in data entry skills, word processing, file management and the use of the Internet and Email.

* Understand the terminology associated with computer hardware and software.
* Acquire the essential skills to operate a computer.
* Develop the skills required to enter and manipulate text using Word.
* Acquire the skills needed to use the Internet and Email.

Specific Learning Outcomes
1. Introduction to Information Technology
2. Introduction to Data Entry
3. Introduction to Word
4. Introduction to Internet and Email
5. Introduction to File Management

Introduction to Information Technology
* Identify the component parts of a computer system
* Identify computer systems and networks used in the home and business

Introduction to Data Entry
* Operate data entry functions using correct technique and using accepted rules
* Input data accurately at 15 wpm

Introduction to Word
* Enter & edit text, load files, format and enhance text, use spell checker
* Save files, preview documents, print documents

Introduction to the Internet and Email
* Select specific sites, select specific links, do Internet searches
* Print web pages, log onto email server, download email, read email
* Reply to email, send email, print email, check status of email messages

Introduction to File Manager
* Copy, move, rename, create, locate, delete files and folders
* Count files in folders, state size of files, state date/time files created
* Copy files to external media

Computer Applications (B 10009) (Level 4)
This course is FETAC Accredited

1. Develop the skills to create and query a database.
2. Develop the skills to enter & manipulate data from a spreadsheet package.
3. Develop the skills to produce & manipulate data from a graphics package.
4. Develop good work habits in the use and care of the computer and equipment.

The purpose of this FETAC module is to provide learners with an understanding of and practical experience in the use of the common generic applications. It provides an introduction to computer applications which will enable the learner to use the computer in a working environment and to proceed to further modules in each of the applications.

The Specific Learning Outcomes are grouped as three units:

Introduction to Databases (Access)
* Identify applications suitable for database
* Access a database system, identify component parts
* Create a database file, enter data, edit data, add records, edit records
* Browse, query, sort databases
* output data to screen and printer

Introduction to Spreadsheets (Excel)
* Identify applications suitable for spreadsheets
* Access a spreadsheet package, enter numeric and text data
* Generate formulae using cell references and arithmetic operators
* Replicate formulae using relative cell references
* Insert rows, columns, adjust column widths, format entries
* Use sum and average functions
* Sort, print, save spreadsheets

Introduction to Graphics (Word Drawing)
* Access and operate a graphics package
* Produce basic geometrical shapes, use freehand drawing, input clipart
* Enhance and edit graphics using colour, shape and size
* Print using landscape and portrait, enter and enhance text